There’s an urgency in my soul that makes me want to do more

- Urgency, 2019


Artist, singer, actress and writer are just a few words to describe Jaculin H. Jones. Born and raised in Lawrence Twp, New Jersey, Jaculin graced this world on September 1, 1963. For over 50 years, Jaculin has filled rooms with joy and laughter through her unique humor and grace. Jaculin was known for her athleticism during her elementary through high school years, but soon became best known for her melodic voice. This singing athlete participated in school productions, sang in the madrigal chorus and was unanimously selected to sing the National Anthem at her high school graduation in 1981. Her voice graced her church choir, community singing groups, college choir, weddings and theatrical productions. Her first solo concert was held at her alma mater, The College of New Jersey, formerly known as Trenton State College.  Jaculin's singing and passion for the Arts afforded her the opportunity to preform in theatrical productions during her college years, which continued through her transition to the Washington Metropolitan area.   

After graduating from the College of New Jersey (formally known as Trenton College) in 1986, she relocated to Maryland after marrying her sweetheart Clarence Jones Jr. She joined Refreshing Spring Church of God in Christ where she served in the choir. While her career path settled her in the healthcare industry, her passion remained in the Arts. She performed in several productions, wrote and co-write children's and adult productions and was featured in a local healthcare commercial for a major healthcare company.

Her passion for writing lyrics came out of a secret struggle with fear. She found solace in believing God's word, and began to write songs of faith, triumph and hope.  

After a family crisis that began in 2012, surviving an aortic dissection in 2014 followed by triple negative breast cancer in 2016, she is recovered and leaving fear behind to embrace the freedom God always intended for her life.

"I became more fearful of not doing what God moved me to do, than the fear that was keeping me from doing it," she says.

January 2019, Jaculin released her first solo single, "Urgency". The soulful song is a call to action. She also completed her first book called, "And It Is So: The Power of His Promise," which will be on bookshelves spring 2019. This abbreviated memoir takes you on a journey as she shares from her heart, how God charted the course of her life through horrific challenges. But, He has proved to be a promise keeper.  Jaculin’s story is one of trials, triumph and God’s amazing grace!

She’s just getting started!